Transportation to LAX: 4 Methods to Steer Clear Of

LAX is bad enough to navigate through once you get inside; you don’t want to make things harder on yourself by taking the wrong transportation to get yourself there. Here are four examples of methods you want to “steer clear” of (pun intended) the next time you need transportation to LAX.

1. Taking a Cab

While it is true that most cabbies know how to get to LAX, they are not necessarily known for their exceptional driving skills; plus, their job is to fit as many rides into the day as possible so that they earn more fares. That means they drive fast; sometimes, faster than what is actually safe. Additionally, many of the taxi cabs in the Los Angeles area are old, outdated models that are less safe than other methods of private transportation.\

2. Public Transportation

Unless you are highly experienced at taking the bus, the airport is the absolute last place you want to take the bus to. Combine the hassles of carrying your luggage with the safety hazards and security risks (not to mention the embarrassment of disembarking the bus at the airport terminal) and you have yourself a recipe for airport transportation disaster.

3. The Airport Shuttle

Airport shuttles are not always the most reliable means of transportation, particularly when it comes to punctuality. Other times, they transport passengers to the wrong destinations around the airport. And then, there are the security risks associated with putting your luggage on a carrier in the front of the shuttle while you sit in the back (which is usually the only area open by the time you get on). If you don’t want to put yourself at risk of theft, forget about taking the airport shuttle.

4. Driving Yourself

Driving yourself to the airport is not only stressful, but also expensive; it can cost quite a bit of money to park your car at LAX, depending on how many days you will be staying. There are safety risks associated with this, too; many people have had their cars vandalized in airport parking lots. If you can avoid driving yourself, you should.
So, what’s the alternative? How about high quality, private transportation service that picks you up and delivers you to the airport well in advance of your flight? That’s the advantage Pacifica offers to business travelers in need of transportation to LAX.


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