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Pacifica is an airport transportation, business transportation, personal travel and special occasion transport company servicing all of San Diego and Los Angeles Counties. Our ownership and management have more than 12 years of industry experience in Southern California, which makes us uniquely qualified to deliver passengers to their destinations on time, every time they travel with us.

We understand the reality of traffic obstacles, and we know how to navigate through them so that our guests will not miss flights or other important appointments. It’s just one of the ways we go above and beyond for our passengers! Our drivers are thoroughly trained by our management, so that they carry out our mission seamlessly: To transport guests safely, efficiently and punctually. This is what we have done since day one, and it is what we will always do, no matter what challenges we may encounter.

About Pacifica Transportation

Other reasons to choose Pacifica include:

On Time: Whether you’re being transported to a destination in San Diego County or Los Angeles County, you can rest assured that you will arrive on time. Our drivers expertly transport guests to ensure a punctual arrival.

Wi-Fi: Get some work done, or browse the web for pleasure, when riding with Pacifica. Our vehicles receive a wi-fi signal that you can access quickly and easily.

TV/DVD Systems: Your ride can be a leisurely, enjoyable experience because of our built-in entertainment amenities. Connect your mobile device to our wi-fi for Netflix and Hulu, or use our quality DVD players to watch a film.

Safety: We are backed by a $1.5 million insurance policy, ensuring that our drivers, passengers and vehicles are protected. Our vehicles are regularly maintained to ensure that they run optimally at all times.

Cleanliness: We have the cleanest cars in Southern California! Every vehicle in our fleet is regularly detailed, so you can enjoy the pleasant and comfortable ride you deserve.

Customization: Whether you need to be picked up from home or work and transported to the airport or another destination, Pacifica will be glad to accommodate you. For special occasions and nights on the town, our drivers can wait at the event (hourly service), or leave and come back at the time you request. It’s your choice, when you book your service.

Easy Booking: Reserve your ride, and then rest assured that your driver will be there. There’s no need to call us for follow-up; we will be there at your booking time, ready to drive you to where you need to be.

If you’re ready for a safer, smoother and more satisfying ride, trust Pacifica to provide it!

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