At Pacifica, our motto is “safety first” – and we have the evidence to support it. Not only are all our drivers are fully licensed for commercial transportation, they are also thoroughly trained by our ownership and management, a team with more than 12 years of experience in the private transportation industry. And of course, all of our drivers are subject to random drug and alcohol testing at regular intervals before transporting passengers.

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We Abide by the Law

Furthermore, all of the vehicles in our fleet meet federal and California state guidelines for commercial transport services. That includes airport permits, which our company carries for the local airports that we service. We comply with all traffic laws, both state and local, whether we are on the freeway or pedestrian streets.

Traffic conditions, no matter how challenging, will not stop us from delivering passengers to their destinations safely and on time. As for our vehicles, they are regularly maintained so that they run optimally at all times for the safety of our passengers.

Peace of Mind

Of course, we understand that things sometimes do happen; for that reason, our company is backed by a premium, $1.5 million insurance policy. That ensures that our guests are protected in the event of an unforeseen accident, and it provides the peace of mind that parents need when entrusting their teens to our drivers. Our luxury SUVs are equipped with side airbags on all rows, which makes for a safer ride for all our guests.

Reserve a Safer Ride Today

If you are ready for a safer, smoother and more enjoyable ride, book your transportation service with Pacifica today. We will be glad to transport you to where you want to go, and do it as safely as possible.

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