The Airport Shuttle is not Your Friend!

Pacifica Transporation - Airport shuttle is not your friend.

That’s just the hard truth. The airport shuttle may seem like a convenient solution to your transportation problems, but the Internet is full of enough airport shuttle horror stories to make smart business travelers think differently. Here are just a few examples of bad airport shuttle reviews we found (take note, these are not LAX stories – but airport shuttles are airport shuttles, no matter where they are in the country).

  • Just waited 25 minutes for a shuttle at the rental car center to bring us to the airport terminal. I book 40 business trips a year and I dread this airport and rental car center for this very reason.
  • The airport shuttle drops off a business woman after her trip in an unlit, overflow airport parking area (also known as a field). Her car won’t start. The shuttle driver doesn’t care. She’s stranded for the night, left to figure it out on her own.
  • Stopping in a bad neighborhood to pick up this guy who smells…anyone have any other ways to get to the airport with driving?

Fortunately for that last reviewer, there is! Private airport transportation to LAX is the best possible solution for anyone who wants a safe, comfortable ride in a clean luxury car. It means no strangers sharing a van, no unrequested stops, and no late pick-ups or drop-offs. You arrive on time and in one piece. Plus, the downtime during your ride is far more productive – because you ride alone! You can relax and enjoy, or get out the laptop and get some things done. It’s up to you, and your driver will leave you to do whatever you please.

Here are some other advantages to chauffeured airport transportation:

Streamlining: You book the service in advance, so you get from the terminal to your planned destination right after landing.

Time efficiency: If you need luggage pick up service, that can be arranged.

Security of your belongings: There’s no need to worry about another passenger reaching into your bag when you’re not looking, because you’re the only passenger.

Let’s be honest: These are advantages the airport shuttle just can’t offer. To learn more about this superior transportation to LAX, contact Pacifica today. We will be glad to answer your questions.


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