That’s at the Airport? Little-Known Airport Amenities

If you are our LA or San Diego airport transportation client, you may wish to find out if those airports, or the airports you are traveling to, have any of the following extras available. Not every airport has these, but maybe every airport should. We’re not talking about charging stations and wi-fi; those things should come standard now. Instead, these are some airport amenities worth talking about. Some of the standouts include:

Rocking chairs – We have seen these at LAX, and they are in several other major airports around the country. Rocking during your wait can be very soothing, especially when you have a great view looking out at the landing pad.

Family rooms – For example, London’s Heathrow Airport has a “stay and play” area that welcomes families to let the kids roam around. For international travelers towing along little ones, a perk like this can make the entire flight much more enjoyable.

Spa services – At Sea-Tac International Airport in Seattle-Tacoma, Washington, there are high end massage vendors, manicurists and more. If you have extra money set aside, a relaxing, pampering service can set the tone for a great flight.

Of course, there are also fine dining destinations in many major airports. The downtime before your flight may not be the best time to indulge in a big meal, but it can certainly be a good opportunity to try a light lunch at a four star establishment you don’t have access to at home. Why not?

Thanks to our years of experience providing San Diego airport transportation, we have our finger on the pulse of every airport trend that comes along – but that doesn’t mean we see everything, of course. So if you know of a great airport amenity that isn’t listed here, be sure to share it the comments below.


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