Business Traveling: How to Keep Your Belongings Safe

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Although people tend to worry more about security during personal vacations, it’s important to recognize that business travelers are also vulnerable to theft. There are some ways to ward off the risks, though; follow these steps for a safer, more secure business trip.

First, avoid public transportation. One of the reasons we are committed to providing quality San Diego airport transportation is that we understand the security risks of public transportation. Riding a public bus, the subway or even an airport shuttle can be a risky move because of the dozens of people you are in close quarters with. It can be too easy for a thief to reach into the side of your bag and pull out your iPod, wallet or cell phone without you or anyone else noticing.

Also, carry on whatever you can. In the airport, federal agents are charged with examining luggage for potential security threats. The vast majority of them are trustworthy, but stories of passengers being victimized by agents who stole laptops, cash, jewelry and other valuables out of their bags are not unheard of. If you are traveling with something valuable, store it in your carry on – not your luggage.

Finally, be a smart packer. It’s best to avoid carrying valuables altogether, if you can. Your laptop, tablet and cell phone may be a must when traveling on business, but expensive jewelry isn’t necessarily as important to have on your trip. If you must bring your high end jewelry or cufflinks, store them inside several zippered bags so that they are harder to get to; better yet, store them in your carry on as mentioned above.

As for your mandatory documents, such as your passport and airline tickets, be sure to make copies of them just in case you lose them. You never know what could happen, and you don’t want to close off your options if you happen to be stuck in a foreign country due to unforeseen circumstances. By following these tips, our San Diego airport transportation guests can improve their chances of traveling safely and securely every time they fly.


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