3 Great Apps for Business Travelers

  • 3 Great Apps for Business Travelers
  • 3 Great Apps for Business Travelers
  • 3 Great Apps for Business Travelers
  • 3 Great Apps for Business Travelers

There are plenty of apps that claim to make your life easier as a business traveler, and you’ll never get around to trying them all. To help you narrow down your choices of apps to use on your next business trip, here are three we happen to like. The next time you’re getting a chauffeured ride to LAX, download these to make your trip more enjoyable.

Wi-Fi Finder

Some of us are spoiled; if we live in Los Angeles or San Diego, we think that free wi-fi is everywhere. But the reality is, wi-fi hotspots can be hard to come by in some cities. If your conference is in an underdeveloped country or a less cosmopolitan area of middle America, you may very well need Wi-Fi Finder. It finds the nearest hotspots to your location, and saves them so you can find them again later.

Best Parking

You may be using our Los Angeles airport transportation service to get to LAX, but once you land in your destination city, you’re most likely going to be at the mercy of your rental car. In order to find the best parking spaces in a new place, you need an app like Best Parking. Use it as a search engine that finds the cheapest and most convenient parking spaces near the address you enter. If you don’t end up at a great parking area, the company sends you a $5 Starbucks gift card to make up for it.


If you’re a frequent business traveler, there’s a good chance that you’re a member of multiple loyalty programs: hotel clubs, dining clubs, frequent flier clubs and the like. To keep track of your points with each program, AwardWallet logs them all and stores them in a single hub. Access them with one login so you can see how much credit you have with each account!

These are apps that can make your business travel much more enjoyable. The next time we’re transporting you via a chauffeured ride to LAX, start downloading them so they’re ready to go when you land.


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